Selling your home in the winter might seem counter intuitive but there are always buyers looking to buy even in the winter. Maybe you want to sell your home in winter because you yourself are moving into your next house, or maybe you have just accepted a new job offer in a different state. Yet, you still want your winter listing to result in the sale of your home.

So, let’s talk about some common mistakes made when listing and selling in the winter. Listing your home when it’s ready rather than waiting for the perfect time to list is a big mistake. Like I said before, there are always buyers needing a home and you only need one buyer to make the sale. Not listing in March or April and waiting for the spring thaw could result in missing out on the buyer willing and ready to give you that great offer.

The second mistake is not showing the house on the days when you would think no one would be looking. That March snow day, the Easter weekend or spring break when you’ve left for the beach. People looking on those days are usually very serious about finding and buying their next home. Most people are very considerate and that fact that they would ask to see your home during a time you wouldn’t expect them to, makes them a great prospect. They could be on a strict timeline moving from one state to the next and need to find a home in the only weekend they have free to look. Make sure you’re house is always ready to show and in Minnesota, that could mean hiring the neighbor kid to shovel at the first snowflake and keeping the salt and sand in place and the ice off the driveways and walkways.

Of course it’s always important to price your home right. Since there is a lower interest in moving in the winter, the right price can make all the difference. People moving in the winter, on that strict timeline, may not have the time to negotiate back and forth. They may need the deal to close quickly so they can organize the move and stay on track in their lives. I’m great at being realistic about pricing homes taking into consideration the current market. Getting the best price means pricing right to begin with and marketing to sell not overpricing and then negotiating down. As a licensed realtor, I know I have more time to devote to clients in the winter and more time for marketing and open houses.

Listing at the right price, not waiting until spring but listing when you are ready to sell and marketing are the best ways to ensure a great offer on a winter sale. The coziness of a fresh snow, could make the entrance to your home even more inviting. Adding some winter greenery at the front door with that fresh pine smell and the warmth and beauty of the gas fireplace could be just the things to make a buyer offer. So list your house when you are ready to list and be at the head of the pack not in the middle.